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Back in Stock!
Debacterol Canker Sore Medication
12-Topical Dose Sets $64.95

Meeting Location:
Renaissance Airport Hotel
9801 Natural Bridge Rd
St. Louis, MO 63134

Kenwood Protalk TK3230DX
Now only $164
Compact and only weighs
5 1/2 oz!

Rebate has been extended!
(Valid August 1st-December 31st, 2018)
For every 6 radios purchased
Receive a $100 Gift Card
and a FREE 6 unit charger

Now $175
Limited In Space?
This 6 unit charging rack
holds 6 individual chargers and uses one outlet!

Earhanger, Circle G-ring, Earhook, Earbud & Circle D-rings Now $28
Clear Surveillance Style Now only $44

Earmolds for Clear Surveillance headsets
Only $9.97

More Popular Products at KISCO:

Baracuda Bur
Use for Crown Preps, Cavity Preps
Amalgam & Crown Removal
Slot Cutting to remove old crowns

$29.97-10pkg or $244.97-100pkg

Cut-trol Stops Bleeding Immediately!
Cut-trol is the ORIGINAL
Ferric Sulfate hemostatic agent

$30.97 8ML bottle.
50% Ferric Sulfate

J. Morita Impression Material
$39.50 Box of 3 Cartridges
30 or 90 Second Blue Velvet
30 or 90 Second Sno White

Septocaine with Epinephrine
# 1 Branded Dental Anesthetic in the United States*.
1:100,000 or 1:200,000

$51 for 1 box
$49 for 10 or more
Septoject® sterile, single-use dental needles
(plastic needle hubs) are used for routine
administration of local anesthetics

Septoject 30 gauge short $11.75 per box

Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00 CST       Toll Free: 800-325-8649             Address: 232 N. Seneca, Wichita, Kansas 67203