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Luxator instruments are a specially designed periodontal ligament knife with a fine tapering blade that compresses the alveolar, cuts the membrane and gently eases the tooth from its socket. The Luxator instruments were invented and designed by a dentist to make extractions as trauma free as possible. He developed subtleties in the design that only a practicing dentist would appreciate and it is for this reason that our Luxator instruments are discernably different.

The whole operation is performed with the minimum of tissue damage, healing is quicker and the whole operation is less distressing both for the patient and surgical team alike. True to that original design and concept of the dentist who invented them, these Luxator instruments perform perfectly for you!
4pc. Starter Kit (3S, 3C, 5S, 5C, & stone) - $458.97
7pc. Kit (2S, 3S, 3C, 3CA, 3IC, 5S, 5C, & stone) - $774.97
1mm Straight (light green stripes) - $119.97
3mm ContraAngle (dark blue stripes) - $119.97
3mm Inverted Curve (light blue stripes) - $119.97
5mm Curved (brown stripes) - $119.97
Sharpening Stone - $29.97

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