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FormCore DC
FormCore DC

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FormCore DC is a composite-based, radiopaque, flowable material suitable for any core build-up procedure. It can be used on both vital and endodontically treated teeth. Offered in a 5ml, auto-mix mini syringe, FormCore DC can be applied in a direct one layer application. It is thixotropic and cuts like dentin when preparing the abutment. Excellent flowability and outstanding physical properties ensure ideal adaptation to the tooth structure and optimal stability underneath the crown. FormCore DC's "enamel" shade enhances the esthetic appearance, especially in translucent restorations. With dual core capabilities, FormCore DC will achieve complete curing even in areas that are hard to reach for light curing units. It will self-cure in 3 minutes, or it can be light-cured for 40 second. Complete polymerization occurs without generation of significant heat, reducing the possibility of pulpal irritation. FormCore DC is radiopaque which supports postoperative diagnosis.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides optimal stability beneath crown
  • Auto-mix formula is fast and easy to use
  • Syringe permits direct and precise application
  • Demonstrates outstanding adaptation to tooth structure
  • Dual core formula ensures complete polymerization
  • Radiopaque quality supports postoperative diagnosis
  • Available in Shade A3
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