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Tango Endo Products

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Just a few Reasons to Tango:
With Tango-Endo Instruments, it only takes two instruments to complete most cases. By eliminating the fear of fracture you can now complete your endo cases in a simple and predicable process.

Time saving two instrument shaping system.
Tough and reusable. Use Tango-Endo instruments up to 3 times providing dramatic savings compared to single use systems.
Affordable Tango-Endo reciprocating handpiece can be used with your current endo motor or any e-type air motor.

Patented flat along the entire length creates two vertical blades, increased cutting, and reduced engagement of the instrument for faster advancement with less resistance to the apex.
Unique flute design facilitates safe canal shaping and finishing.
The patented flat increases instrument flexibility without compromising strength.
Tango-Endo Instruments are specifically designed for the Tango-Endo reciprocating handpiece to virtually eliminate binding and instrument separation.
Prevents canal distortion.

Simple 2 step process.
Superior ability to negotiate curves.
Quickly navigates to the apex.
Calibration rings provide quick and precise assistance in determining the working length.

The Tango-Endo Introductory Kit Includes: 6 Tango-Endo Instruments (3 Shaping, 3 Finishing)
1-Tango-Endo Reciprocating Handpiece
60 Precision matched gutta percha points.
  Tango Endo Intro Kit-21mm-25% OFF NOW ONLY $494.25
  Tango Endo Intro Kit-25mm-25% OFF NOW ONLY $494.25
  Tango Endo Reciprocating Handpiece Latch Type-25% OFF NOW ONLY $413.25
  Tango Endo Shaping Instrument (6) 21mm-$82.14
  Tango Endo Shaping Instrument (6) 25mm-$82.14
  Tango Endo Finishing Instrument (6) 21mm-$82.14
  Tango Endo Finishing Instrument (6) 25mm-$82.14
  Tango Endo Large Canal refill (6) 25mm-$82.14
  Tango Endo Extra Large Canal (6) refill 25mm-$82.14
  Tango Endo (60) Gutta Percha-$27.83

Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 CST       Toll Free: 800-325-8649             Address: 232 N. Seneca, Wichita, Kansas 67203

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