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Vac'U'Tab Kit

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Do you dread the unattractive duty of flushing and cleaning out your suction lines?
Now there is a much easier and effective way to increase the effectiveness of your low/high speed evacuation system.

Vac'U'Shock with INVIZO GUARD Initial cleaning treatment is used once a month. It is designed to shock your entire vacuum system, sending chemical deep within the vacuum lines and removing amalgam, fluoride, tooth fragments, blood, tissue, and other bio-hazardous contaminants. Vac'U'Shock restores pressure, eliminates strain on your suction lines, and will extending the life of your system.

Placing aVac'U'Clear with INVIZO GUARD self-cleaning vacuum tablets in the solids collector once a week will neutralize and break up biofilm and other contaminates. Vac'U'Clear self-cleaning tablet is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-foaming tablet that releases chemical when liquids or liquid contaminates are pulled up from the high or low speed vacuum lines, thereby neutralizing contaminates on contact, creating a continuous free flowing line.

~NEW~VacuClear Liquid with INVIZO-GUARD, 16oz bottle of highly concentrated formula with a 1oz premeasured dispenser, makes 64 one-quart treatments. Non-foaming, non-corrosive, and Non-Toxic Used as conventional cleaners or an in-between rinse after messy of bloody surgical procedures. Hospital Grade! Disinfecting against HIV HEP A. B. C. Legionnaires etc.

~NEW~The Complete Kit: You get 6 Vac'U'Shock Tabs, 45 Vac'U'Clear Tabs and VacuClear Liquid Now $84.97

Regular Kit contains: 6 Vac'U'Shock tablets & 45 Vac'U'Clear tablets $59.97

Sold Separately:
Vac'U'Shock tablets (orange, 6 ea.) Only $31.97

Vac'U'Clear tablets (purple, 45 ea.) Only $32.97


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